Meditation In The Gallery – with Dana Chaisson
Sunday, August 25, 12-1pm  ❤️  $25
In late summer we re-organize our lives.  Kids are heading back to school, routines shift again, and we sense the waning energy of the season.  Although there seems to be much to do a month before autumn arrives, we make the most of our time basking in the golden light of earth’s generous bounty.
As we take stock of our lives and acknowledge the blessed harvest coming in, we can choose to refine what is working for us…or compost what is not.  We are meant to thrive!  And occasionally that requires some spiritual editing.  The last chapter of summer is ruled by the earth sign of Virgo who communicates to us what we need to focus on, and what must be pulled from our lives like weeds.  Old thoughts, behaviors, habits, beliefs, and emotional burdens can be threshed and re-planted for a new garden to grow.
Whether you are brand new to meditation, or have an on-going routine, you’re invited to join us for a wonderful practice of mental cleansing and mindful inventory.  With various meditation styles, we will create space for harvesting the rewards we’ve worked for, while surrounded by the creativity and inspiration of unique art in a special gallery.  Just like an exotic bloom, your whole being is ready to admire your spectacular growth!
*No meditation experience necessary!  Please bring a blanket or meditation pillow to sit on.  A few chairs will be provided if needed.