Gallery Artists

The artists behind the pieces in the collection at are the real inspiration. These men and women are truly talented and their inspiration shines through in their artistic creations.

Metal Sculpture

Boris Kramer
McLean Bronze
Rosalie Levi


David Stern
Nancy Reid Carr

Mixed Media

Clay Enoch
Erika Bushee
Giovanni Bocchieri
Heather Harris
Jen Belt
Love, Anji
Lynn Rogers Vail
Matthew Gallagher
Rosalie Levi
Tejae Floyde
Todd Andrew Babb
Vintage Girl

Candle Art



Amy Jean Nichols
Anne Nye Glass
Bryce Dimitruk
Cary Ferguson
Dan Neff
David Goldhagen
David Royce
Dennis DeBon
Drayton Glassworks
Hot Glass Alley (Jake Pfeifer)
Jack Pine
Kirk Miller
Shawn Messenger
Teign Valley Glass
Salusa Glassworks


Boris Kramer
Houston Llew – Spiritiles


On Reflection


Andrew Denney
Ataraxia Designs
Clementine Porcelain
Ed and Kate Coleman
Jeri Hollister
Judy Tavill
Jennifer McCurdy
Melodie Grace
Serenity Ceramics (Jennifer Cherpock)
Spooner Creek (Macone Clay)
Stiles in Clay
Sharon Bartmann


Darla Baker
G3 Studios
Phillipe Guillerm
Susie Frazier


Alice Kiderman


Bone Sigh Arts (Terri St. Cloud)
Dawn Tekler
Heather McClellan
Missy Morrow
Sherrie Head
Soul Soup, Inc. (Kristen Jongen)

Jewelry / Personal Accessories

Bo’s Art
Carla Pennie McBride
Claudia Vallejo
Davin and Kesler
Dennis Burich
Karen Klinefelter
Kim Mettee Designs
Lynn Rogers Vail
Megan Clark
Nancy Reid Carr
Nicole Ringgold
Santa Fe Stoneworks
Symbology (Alice Scott)
Teresa St. Romain
Tonia Ostanek

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“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”