Erika Bushee

Erika Bushee of Art Rocks Studio is a nature girl at heart…and is so lucky to have found her!  Erika is the heart, soul, and artist behind the Serenity River Rock and Slate Wall Art pieces adorning the walls of the gallery.  When asked what “inspires” her, Erika says: “My inspirations come from nature. Each stone creation is made from slate fragments and resin. The slate is shaped into long skinny pieces with pliers to give a deep rich texture . The resin is applied to random pieces of slate bringing out the colors in the stone giving it a shiny wet look.  I travel around the country hiking and always searching for that special rock to use in my art. These river rocks are cut in half and imbedded in some of my creations. Upon an encounter with these art pieces I hope the viewer is transported to the great outdoors. I hope it evokes a cherished memory experienced in nature and a connection to all the beauty surrounding us.

Thanks for your beauty—inside and out—and especially in your art! You ROCK Erika!