Heather McClellan

A resident of Chesterland and graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art, Heather’s talent and influences reach far beyond Ohio. While traveling the world with her husband and living in places like the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan, Heather gained a global perspective of art that few experience, but it was her years living in Vietnam that most influenced her current work. There she discovered and mastered the technique of lacquer painting. With what was considered an old and traditional technique for the Vietnamese called “Son Mai”, Heather applied her vision and unique flair, which she describes as “breaking the rules”, resulting in something completely new and awe-inspiring.  Using a combination of carving, painting, and sanding with the mediums of lacquer, varnish, pigments, gold leaf, metal shavings, and even egg shells, Heather has created a technique and style all her own.

The theme of “womanhood” is woven through much of Heather’s work — from The Goddess Series (currently adorning the walls of be.gallery), to Madonna (which is one of my favorites!), to the portrait series of Vietnamese women. Each one-of-a-kind, Heather’s work has been described by some as having a “jewel-like” quality to them.