Lynn Rogers Vail

As I was approaching 50, I left the corporate world, thinking my right brain attributes were lost forever. I soldiered through a bit of an identity crisis (who would I BE if not a sales rep for a computer company). I searched for a creative path that would lead me to discover an artistic activity that I could be passionate about. That creative path led me to polymer clay.

Throughout my polymer clay journey, I learned much about myself. As a sales rep, my company trained me how to present my “outside design” confidently so that I could convince large companies to buy expensive maintenance contracts from me. It felt inauthentic and manipulative but it was a lucrative career. As a newbie artist, I discovered that I had a ‘inside design” also. And it was soon obvious to me that everything has a “design within”.

Michelangelo’s idea that Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it – always fascinated me but I did not have a personal reference to its meaning. It wasn’t until I learned more about polymer caning that it HIT ME! My heart fell in love with what I found inside the clay. There was a design so beautiful I could hardly breathe. Be still my heart.

For my 60th birthday in May, my husband asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate the milestone. He suggested we move my basement studio up INTO THE LIGHT?” Converting a spare well-lit bedroom into my new studio was transformational. Inspiration came flooding through me. I spend hours a day in that beautiful bright room that I can call my own and enjoy being surrounded by my tools, clay, beads and books. I have found my passion of creating something unique and exquisite.

I am forever grateful for that polymer gift that led me to finding the “design within” on so many levels. I find it within my art, within my workspace, within my relationship with my husband Bob (who has been my biggest supporter), and within my heart – knowing that, being introduced to my creative self, doing what I love to do – indeed makes for a lasting bond with joy.