Be ready to be amazed! Greggory Hill is coming to to present his incredible artistic talent, which is sure to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. A local Chagrin Falls artist, Greggory creates digital art forms that are not only beautiful, but also intriguing beyond measure. From Greggory’s artist statement (which you can read in full below, he says “…we behold beauty in the random concretions of the natural world and this beauty, if ostensibly devoid of meaning, yet retains a value in our minds, a value that is potent, a value that begets art…”

Each artistic piece of expression is created through a process that begins with a choice of subject matter, for which he codes a set of artistic rules. He then applies random modifications to break those rules, however not so far as to lose the subject matter entirely. Applying his artistic influences to each piece throughout the process, Greggory creates images that approach his vision of the meaningless randomness of beauty. “This is the kernel of my artistic process: The tension between human intention and random variation, will and luck, meaning and chaos.”, says Gregg.

His final works are single edition giclée prints using archival inks on aluminum, archival canvas or paper.

Please join us for wine, cheese, and great conversation with Greggory Hill.