Sunday, February 17th / 12-1pm / $25
Advanced Registration required (limited to 20 people)
Register HERE  or call 1-844-234-4387

The word February means ‘purification’. The earth is purified by the lengthening daylight, fresh snow, or melting icicles in the sun. Our lungs are purified by the crisp air of mid-winter. Our hearts are purified at Valentine’s Day as we honor the love in our lives. And our energy is purified by the sacred promise of Spring as we loosen the heaviness of hibernation.

In yogic philosophy, purification is a practice known as Saucha. It reminds us that in addition to all of the detoxifying or cleansing practices we do on a daily basis (bathing, brushing our teeth, tidying our homes, drinking water, exercising, etc.) we must also keep our mental state clean of debris. Our thoughts can be chaotic at times; cluttering our head space, and locking us away from our true Self — who is clear, pure, loving, creative, joyful, and intuitive.

Meditation offers us so many health benefits. It’s one of the greatest tools of purification that we all have access to. So why not make more time for it when meditation actually GIVES us time and well-being? Join us for a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice a few different meditation and breathing techniques, while surrounded by the energy, beauty, and creativity of soul-inspiring art pieces in a very special gallery.

*No meditation experience necessary! Please bring a blanket or meditation pillow to sit on (a few chairs will also be available if desired).