Sunday, April 7th / 12-1pm / $25
Advanced Registration required (limited to 20 people)
Purchase tickets online or call 1-844-234-4387

In April, we sense Mother Nature’s awakening all around us.  Her long winter sleep has been restful and rejuvenating, but she is ready to balance earth’s energy by expanding and receiving warm light.  A similar awakening happens within each of us as we tune in to the rhythms of the season.  We can align ourselves even more at this time by opening our hearts and minds in wonder with the profound practice of meditation.
The foundation of ancient yoga philosophy teaches that every moment we have an opportunity to choose balance and harmony.  By committing to and focusing our minds in the present moment, we reduce the fluctuations of mental chatter and avoid what distracts us from our joy.  When we consistently return to this place of peace, we awaken to our true nature and reunite with our authentic Divine Self!
Whether you are brand new to meditation, or have an on-going practice, you’re invited to join us for a wonderful hour of exploring different meditation styles while surrounded by the energy, beauty, and creativity of inspiring art in a unique gallery.  Put mindful spring cleaning on your calendar and awaken your soul like a fresh flower growing in the sun.
*No meditation experience necessary!  Please bring a blanket or meditation pillow to sit on.  A few chairs will be available if desired.