Kawai Tribute Horse Sculpture

This impressive sculpture by Jeri Hollister captures the the true beauty and essence of the horse as well as the emotion in the relationship between an owner and his horse. A perfect gift for yourself or that special horse lover in your life.

Working entirely with wet clay, Jeri uses the potter’s wheel and traditional ceramic practices to construct the sculpture from the ground up – adding one piece at a time until the ultimate form is revealed. “There are forms I have not yet imagined as a unit, yet they evolve from my hands.”, says Jeri. “When I look at a finished work, I am often surprised. Because I am focused on the process, when I step back, I have a sense of seeing the piece for the first time.”

Measuring 19″h x 13″l x 5″w and finished with a slate gray matte glaze, this magnificent sculpture will be a part of your home and heart for generations to come.