Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for that very special person is not always easy – but we are here to help! will help guide you to that perfect gift – one that comes from the heart, has meaning beyond the material item, tells that special someone just how special they are and how very much you care. At, we will not only help guide you to the perfect gift, we’ll package it up with all the love and care and beauty that every special gift deserves. Let help you give that perfect gift!

A special friend or loved one is about to embark upon a new journey, a life filled with the joy of marrying their soulmate. When the traditional wedding gifts of china or cookware on the registry just aren’t special enough to show how much you care, don’t be discouraged – is here to help! So how do you show the happy couple just how special they are on their wedding day? You give them a gift with meaning, one that reflects their personal style and character. Gifts from the heart, gifts that were made by amazing artisans with care and love, gifts that show the thought and effort put into finding an inspiring and unique gift will be the ones the happy couple will treasure for a lifetime.


Polished and pampered:

Fun and funky: Finding a unique gift for a couple that exudes uniqueness and genuine love for all things fun and funky is not an easy task, but has the perfect gift that even this couple will dub “cool!” when they open it.


Nature and outdoor lovers:

  • Porcelain “Painted Desert” Series Bowls and Vases by Jennifer Cherpock are a unique one-of-a-kind gift that will show the nature loving couple just how special they are.
  • Ceramic owls and sandpipers by Stiles in Clay is a unique, handmade gift of nature that reminds the happy couple of our beautiful world even when they are inside.
  • Splash Glass Sculpture is truly one of the most beautiful and amazing pieces that any water-loving couple will absolutely love and cherish for a lifetime.
  • Flower Sail Candle Sculpture (available in several varieties of nature’s best) by Esclusso combine elegance with nature and have endless display options for the couple’s new home.
  • Aluminum Nature Prints (available in many sizes and varieties of nature’s best) by Nancy Reid Carr brings the beauty of nature indoors with a modern flair.
  • Organic Bud Vase Collection by Sharon Bartmann will bring the organic look and feel they love into their new home together.
  • Reclaimed wood mantra words by Rustbelt Restoration and Susie Frazier might be the most organic and inspiring gift the couple ever receives!
  • Upcycled Tree Tiles by PoCo Paper are truly to delight the couple as a 100% post consumer material piece of art that they will be proud to hang in their new home.

Museums and dinner parties: For the social butterfly couples that love all things that remind them of their love for each other and their friends, consider these inspiring gifts:

For a blended family wedding, consider the beautiful gift of a Dancing Family Steel or Copper Sculpture by Boris Kramer available in any number of children (please call for lead times for artist to create).

For a same sex couple wedding, consider a Quiet Encounter or Synergy Steel or Copper Sculpture by Boris Kramer available in same sex couple figures (please call for lead times for artist to create).

A time of looking inward and following new paths, of feeling scared to death and incredibly excited all at the same time, of trusting your gut and following your heart, of freedom, of fun, of unconditional love. How does one give a gift that shows the graduate just how proud you are of the person they have become? Or perhaps you are just looking for the coolest graduation gift ever. has many special artisan-made gifts the graduate will love and cherish for a lifetime.

Inspirational Wall Tiles by Macone Clay express inspiring messages for the graduate that will carry them through their life journey. Consider especially the following tiles for that special graduate: “If you stumble”, “God’s gift to us”, “Be Yourself”, “Chase Dreams”, “Life is For”, “Ones who’re crazy enough”, “What lies within us”, and “Life is Art”.

Inspirational Wall Art by Terri St. Cloud are beautiful framed prints that will adorn the new graduate’s wall for a lifetime of inspiration. Consider especially the following prints: “a way of life”, “mantra”, “challenge”, and “if i could”.

For the Nature Loving Graduate, consider the Reclaimed Wood Mantra Words by Rustbelt Reclamation and Susie Frazier or the Aluminum Nature Print Art by Nancy Reid Carr for that truly organic gift that inspires.

For the Girl Graduate, the following gifts will inspire her as she embarks on her new journey:

For the Guy Graduate, consider these cool and inspiring gifts as he sets out on his journey:

For the Colorful Graduate that loves all things bright and cheery – consider the Glass Poppy Sculptures by Anne Nye Glass or the Kaleidoscopes and Teleidoscopes by Marc Tickle of On Reflection Kaleidoscopes.

Losing a loved one is something we all have experienced or will experience in life. No matter whether one is prepared for the loss, or a tragedy that rips your world and heart apart, the loss is real and deep and painful. Everyone deals with the pain in different ways – some become simply numb to life, others bring those close to them even closer, while others distance themselves as far as possible from the pain – but all want to honor the love lost in a special way. can help find that special piece that honors their memory and serves as a reminder that the loved one will always hold a special place in our hearts. (See the Coping Gift Guide below for help in finding a gift for those needing support coping with the loss of their loved one.)

Consider these beautiful handmade pieces as gifts to honor the life and spirit of that special loved one: