Chagrin Falls Art comes alive the First Friday of each month to celebrate the many art venues our community has to offer!

On June 2nd, from 5-8pm, will be presenting and celebrating the amazing art by Giovanni Bocchieri, a.k.a. “Leaf Alchemy Master”. Giovanni’s artwork exhibits unconventional and striking images rendered with ornamental detail, often applied to natural elements including leaves. The use of contrasting textures and patters as well as vivid color imagery allows the viewer an ever-changing aesthetic exploration.

Giovanni received his art degree at Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, Kansas) in 1976 and later further studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His art has been exhibitGiovanni Bocchieri Art Showed both in the U.S. and Germany and has received a number of awards.

Come visit the First Friday of June (June 2nd) to meet Giovanni, explore and shop his vast artwork on display, and enjoy refreshments with friends. Afterwards, visit my gallery friends at Galleries of Chagrin as well as others open during this special evening for more unique art-inspired events!