Our Story

Everything in life, in this world, has a story – a journey of experiences and circumstances that have molded and shaped it into its current form. And the best part is – it’s not going to stay that way – the journey continues and so does the transformation with each step, each shape more beautiful, more complete than the last. So, here’s my story…

With a strong foundation of faith, unconditional love and strong work ethic that my amazingly wonderful parents provided me, I set off to conquer the world. Indeed, I had my share of successes (which I prefer to call blessings) along the way – great grades, incredible career, amazing husband, and awesome kids. Life, though challenging at times, was text book perfect. Still…something wasn’t right. My heart was telling me that more and more often over the years. Some days I would listen and acknowledge the path was to be different – but most days I ignored my heart’s gentle but steadfast tugs and pushed ahead toward a goal I thought was mine.

It wasn’t until someone close to me recognized the pain and encouraged me to seek help in listening to my inner voice that was trying to tell me it was time to take another path.

With counsel, I decided to explore this kinder, gentler voice inside me that defied the not-so-kind voice always telling me to “suck it up” and what I “should” do, so I set out for some deep reflection. Armed with only a journal, a pen, and the inspiration of a compass a mentor and friend gave me years earlier, I started to explore what my heart was saying to me. It was not easy. I wrote a lot, but no epiphany came. I prayed a lot, but no clear road sign appeared pointing me this way or that. After countless hours at the local coffee shop booth, reflecting on what my future should be, the light bulb finally illuminated in the form of a smile on my face that came from a place I knew was genuine and true. A gallery of artisan made pieces that inspire people —that’s IT. That’s ME. With my business experience, love of things that inspire and eye for great artists, I knew I could make it work. But when? It only took a few days of thinking of the possibilities to realize that the when was NOW. I felt something I hadn’t felt for a very long time – clarity. All of my experiences on this life journey so far – both good and bad – have shaped me and prepared me for what I was about to embark upon – and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Back to the coffee shop booth I went – this time with a renewed energy and focus. How will I create this “gallery of inspiration”? With the same journal and pen that led me earlier, a picture appeared in my mind. I don’t know where I had seen it before and I don’t know why it came to mind right then, but it did and I was inspired. Psalm 46:10 –

Be Still and know that I am God.
Be still and know.
Be still.

That is what I want – I want to “be”. I want to be who I am; I want others to be who they are; I want to be inspired and to inspire others. And that’s how be.gallery came to be.



As founder and owner, Rebecca Gruss brings her passion for design and inspiration, positive energy, eyes for outstanding artisan work, and over 20 years of experience in business as a CPA and accounting firm partner together to make be.gallery a reality.

Rebecca resides in Chagrin Falls with her husband and two children.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”