Arborvitae Art Print by Jaymi Zents

Looking for the perfect piece for yourself or someone you love? This art print of the original pencil on birchwood art piece by Jaymi Zents is perfect. This print is as stunning as it is full of emotion left up to the viewer to interpret.

Jaymi’s pieces have such amazing emotion and detail as she finds her “girl” within the grain of the birchwood, bringing it all to life with pencil and light oil over a smooth white wash layer.

Print measures 3.875″ wide x 10.75″ high and is printed on an 8.5″x11″ high quality white paper. No mat is included with this print.

Gallery card with inspirational quote “The beauty of life, in all forms, in all ways, can be found within.” is included with your print purchase.

Artist Jaymi Zents lives in Chesterland, Ohio.