Gilded Ribbon Vessel Sculpture


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True happiness, wisdom and beauty does not come from easy paths and quick successes, but from scrapes, bruises, and stumbles gained building a life that is truly magnificent and genuinely yours.

Handmade wheel thrown porcelain sculpture by Jennifer McCurdy, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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Gilded Ribbon Vessel – Porcelain Sculpture

The incredible delicacy and elegance of this handmade wheel thrown porcelain sculpture assure it will be a treasured keepsake for generations. Inspirational in its design and form, this piece is a true display of the amazing talent of the artist. Perfect as a wedding gift to celebrate the paths that brought the special couple together or as a corporate gift to celebrate one’s professioal journey of success.

Light a tea light candle in the vase and bask in the mesmerizing glow and shadows created by this delicate sculpture, or simply place on a mantle or as a table centerpiece to appreciate the beauty all on its own. The pure white porcelain matte finish with 23K gold gilding gives the piece a natural yet utterly sophisticated feel.

For each of her pieces, the artist lets her hands and heart guide the clay to create stunningly exquisite work, keeping a quote by Andre Gide in mind: “Pay attention only to the form; emotion will come spontaneously to inhabit it. A perfect dwelling always finds an inhabitant.”

Each handmade 23K Gold Gilded Ribbon Vessel sculpture is unique and made one at a time by the artist. This piece measures approximately 12″ high x 9″ wide x 8″ deep.

Handmade wheel thrown porcelain sculpture by Jennifer McCurdy, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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Dimensions 9 × 8 × 12 in


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