Holding Cross


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Holding Crosses in Wood or Acrylic

10 in stock


Handmade Holding Cross

A perfect gift for that friend going through a difficult time or for yourself as a physical reminder of God’s love for you.

Individually handmade by the artist in either layered wood of beautiful colors or acrylic with dried flowers encased inside, each cross is freehand cut and hand carved to perfectly fit in your hand or stand freely on the side table. The acrylic crosses with dried flowers inside come with a card that tells you exactly the kind of flowers encased in the cross. It is sure to be treasured by anyone who receives it. Display it on a table, hold it when receiving medical treatments or in daily prayer, or carry it with you for strength and healing.

Each cross measures approximately 3″ wide, 3.5″ high and .5″ deep. Please call the gallery at 1-844-234-4387 to inquire about the colors and varieties currently available so you can pick the perfect one for you or your loved one.


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