Ripple Series by Deanna Bowdish

The beautiful mixed media artwork by Deanna Bowdish is made of acrylic, paper & resin on board and is available in 10×10 ($225) or 12×12 ($300) size currently. is pleased to present painter, Deanna Bowdish in her inaugural Ohio show, “Northern Re-view”. Join us Friday, May 10th, 5-8PM for the opening reception. This show represents the culmination of a nearly 25 year art career for Ms. Bowdish. She will be exhibiting mixed media, abstract paintings in her three signature series, “Ripple”, “Gridlocked” and “Painted Quilts”, representing her process she calls “reconstructed reconstructions”.

As a process based artist, Deanna is engrossed by the act of creating. Using hand-made and found tools, she applies and removes acrylic paint on large pieces of paper or wood in progressive, deliberate layers. These larger pieces are cut down into small pieces and reconfigured by weaving, sewing or glueing. The finished pieces are often poured with resin, giving them a glass like finish. The end result, lively, abstracts full of movement and depth.

“Northern Re-view” influenced by the artists return to her hometown after an almost twenty-five year hiatus, shows her continued pursuit to refine her techniques. “The biggest change I see is in my palette. There is definitely a softer, slightly muted color scheme in my newest works”, states Deanna. Inspired by her love of the outdoors and water, this palette reflects her favorite local outdoor sanctuary, Quarry Rock, where she spent much time as a child.

A former gallery owner, Ms. Bowdish’s work can be found in both private and corporate collections throughout North America and beyond. She currently resides in Solon, OH where she was born and raised.

Please call 1-844-234-4387 to inquire about these pieces and other works by Deanna Bowdish.