Strong Brew Spiritile

“The power of the mind is directly proportional to the quality of the coffee. – Sir James Mackintosh”

Looking for a gift for life’s special moments? Perhaps a birthday gift for the coffee lover in your life? You have found it with this beautiful, inspirational, handmade copper tile by Houston Llew featuring a cup of coffee or latte in a beautiful red cup with a small heart in the foam.

Inspiring those who interact with them, each tile is made by hand in the USA applying ground glass to copper using stencils and precise layering with hand sifters then kiln-fired only once and enveloped around a solid frame. After firing, a pin is rolled over the enameled metal to form intentional crazing marks in the glass. Every Spiritile has its own story wrapped around the sides to match the iconic and inspiring moments drawn from life.

Enjoyed individually or together in a collection that reflects your unique style and story, Spiritiles are made to be gifted, collected, and treasured for years to come. Measuring 5.25″ x 8.5″ x 1.75″, each Spiritile is made to sit freely in that perfect spot or displayed on the wall.